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Tackle Events API

Could you expose the events api so that it can be used? I find only being able to see the last 25 events in the Tackle dashboard https://downstream.tackle.io/events is too limiting. Also being able to filter for specific customers or event types from the API would be most helpful.

Can we register different webhook depending on a selected field in the form?

We have a form that asks for region. We want to be able to register a webhook depending on the value from this field instead of all form submissions going to one webhook. Is this possible? Example Scenario: Tackle Form: Region US selected > triggers /webhook/US Tackle Form: Region EU selected > triggers /webhook/EU

Is there an endpoint to fetch a specific order?

I see there is an endpoint to register an order (https://developers.tackle.io/reference/v1-create-registration), but is there a way to GET a specific order of a product?

How to configure for self-hosted registration?

Greetings, we are attempting to call the https://api.tackle.io/v1/registrations API ... we get this error: ``` { "code": "invalid_product", "error": "The product 'REDACTED' is not configured for self hosted registration. A registration redirect must be defined.", "error_type": "service_exception", "errors": [] } ``` Is there a way for us to programmatically swap from a Tackle-hosted to self-hosted registration page? Or do we have to go through the [email protected] email?

Azure Marketplace -

We've noticed strange behavior - if a private offer is extended to a customer, they accept it... everything works fine. If we extend a second private offer to the customer, when they go to fill out their registration form, it automatically submits and fires the order_created event without giving them the opportunity to fill anything out in the form. I am fairly certain this is not working as intended, but would love some help to either get it escalated to the engineering team to check out or figure out a workaround.