Set up Integration in Tackle

Add Marketo Connection Info

  1. Open Marketo Tackle Integration Configuration in a new window or tab

  2. Add the Program Name from Marketo: Tackle Integration (created in the Set up the Marketo Integration in Marketo).
    Marketo Location: Marketing Activities > Tackle Integration (Campaign Folder) > Tackle (program name)

  3. Add the LaunchPoint Client ID from Marketo.
    Marketo Location: Integrations > LaunchPoint > Installed Services tab > Select View Details on the Tackle Integration row

  4. Add the LaunchPoint Client Secret from Marketo
    Marketo Location: Same window as LaunchPoint Client ID

  5. Add Web Services URL from Marketo
    Marketo Location: Integrations > Web Services

  • Copy the beginning of of the Endpoint value from the REST API section (everything before /rest; do not include the /rest)
  • Example:
  • Paste into the Web Services URL field of Section 1 Marketo Connection of Tackle Integrations

Test and Save

  1. Select Test Connection
  2. Once successful; select Save Changes


Double check your Marketo values

If the test fails, check that the values entered match in Marketo and test again. If you need assistance please contact a Tackle marketplace guide [email protected]

If you have questions or need any assistance with these instructions, please contact a marketplace guide at [email protected]

What’s Next