Set up the Integration in Marketo

Create a Role

  1. Login to Marketo:
  2. Select Admin from the top right of the header menu
  3. Select Users & Roles under Security on the left sidebar menu
  4. Select the Roles tab
  5. Select New Role

Configure Role

  1. Add the role name: API Role
  2. Add description: Tackle Marketo Integration
  3. Select permissions: Access API group
  4. Select Create

Create a User

  1. Select Users tab
  2. Select Invite New User

Configure User Info

  1. Create a new user for the Tackle Integrations API to connect to Marketo.


This should not be a real person

The field values below are placeholders.

  1. Add the Email: [email protected]
  2. Add First Name: Tackle Integrations
  3. Add Last Name: API User
  4. Add the Reason: Tackle API User for access to lead records.
  5. Leave Access Expires set to Never
  6. Select Next

Configure User Permissions

  1. Add Roles: Select the role name you created earlier
  2. Check API Only
  3. Select Next
  4. Configure Step 3 Message; select Send

Create a Custom Service with LaunchPoint

  1. Select Admin from the top right of the header menu
  2. Select LaunchPoint under Integration on the left-hand sidebar menu
  3. Under the Installed Services tab, select New > New Service

Configure Custom Service

  1. Add the Display Name: Tackle Integration
  2. Add Service: Custom
  3. Add the Description: Tackle lead management integration
  4. API Only User: select the email address entered for the user created in step 4 above
  5. Select Create

Creating a New Campaign Folder

  1. Select the dropdown Marketo logo at the top left of the header menu
  2. Select Marketing Activities
  3. On the left-hand navigation bar, right-click Marketing Activities
  4. Select New Campaign Folder
  5. Add Name: Tackle Integration
  6. A new folder will be created on the left-hand navigation bar

Creating a New Program

  1. Right-click the Tackle Integration campaign folder and select New Program
  2. Add Name: Tackle
  3. Select Program Type: Default
  4. Select Channel: Web Request
  5. Add Description: The intended use is for the Tackle Marketo Integration.
  6. Select Create
  7. Leave this page open for reference later

If you have questions or need any assistance with these instructions, please contact a marketplace guide at [email protected]

What’s Next