Setup Your Registration Page

Before you get started

You'll need to send Tackle a URL that supports registration for end-users. Make sure it supports Customer ID (<cloud>_customer_id) and Product ID (<cloud>_product_id) as query parameters.

Query Parameter names:
1. aws_customer_id <string>
2. aws_product_id <string>
Query Parameter names:
1. azure_customer_id <string>
2. azure_product_id <string>
Query Parameter names:
1. gcp_customer_id <string>
2. gcp_product_id <string>

How does the self-hosted registration page process work?

  1. You provide Tackle with a registration URL:
  2. When a buyer initiates a transaction on the marketplace, they are sent to a Tackle endpoint
  3. Tackle will take care of several interactions and will resolve to a Customer ID and Product ID
  4. Tackle redirect the buyer to<cloud>_customer_id=democustomerid&<cloud>_product_id=demoproductid
  5. You can now use the Customer ID and Product ID as parameters for our Registration API. Using this API will allow you to provide us customer information for the Tackle Platform.

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