NameTypeDescriptionExample Values
actorobjectActing user details in JSON key value pairs"actor": { "email": "[email protected]", "name": "John Smith", "picture": "", "user_id": "abc123" }
marketplacestringName of cloud provideraws
created_atstringUTC timestamp"2021-02-16T14:48:06.460998+00:00"
customeridstringCloud Marketplace issued Buyer Account IDAWS Account Reference ID:
Azure Subscription ID:
GCP External Account ID:
RHM Account ID: 123456789
destinationstring (constant)Internal Tackle event type.callback
event_typestringType of eventprivate_offer_created
extra_dataobjectOptional additional event data
group_idstringInternal Tackle event ID`5e7b1ec8-2595-40c7-b6f1-3b0d1fd1ed9e
offeridstringAWS issued Offer ID:
Seller created Azure Plan ID:
GCP issued Quote ID:
po_idstringTackle issued Private Offer ID7ec896c2-6cff-4a46-b55a-039db504422d
productidstringCloud Marketplace issued Product IDAWS Product Code: 1test1a2b3c4d5e6f7g8h9ijk
Azure Offer ID:
GCP Solution ID:
sourcestringInternal Tackle event source data
private_offer_metadataobjectSee table below
vendoridstringTackle issued identifier for the vendorT35T01
is_free_trialbooleanA true/false boolean value representing if the order is a free trialtrue or false
tackle_subscription_idstringTackle generated identifier unique for each Subscription.52fZSV7JbMI
testbooleanBoolean value representing if payload has been generated by webhooks test endpointtrue or false

private_offer_metadata fields

The private offer metadata object contains more details on a Private Offer.

NameTypeDescriptionExample Value
buyersobject[]Buyers are a list of contacts that receive your offer invitation email"buyers": [ { "title": "Buyer", "email_address": "[email protected]", "full_name": "Bertram Gilfoyle" } ]
renewalbooleanThis identifies if the offer is a renewal or nottrue or false
eulaobjectThis contains the End User Licensing Agreement for this offer and any documents that are a part of the customer's contract"eula": { "type": "public", "files": [] }
offer_metadataobjectThis is the Contract Metadata you may have filled up in Tackle Offers"offer_metadata": { "AWS Account Number": "533037066561" }
pre_registration_detailsobjectThese are the Registration Details you may have filled up in Tackle Offers"pre_registration_details": { "billing_street": "1 Pied Way", "billing_country": "United States", "billing_city": "Redwood City", "Company": "Pied Piper", "billing_state": "CA" }
pricingobjectThis is the pricing information you might have filled up in Tackle Offers"pricing": { "net_contract_value": "40000.00", "duration": "1 Months", "schedule": [ { "invoice_amount": "1000.00", "invoice_date": "2021-10-22T00:00:00.000-06:00" }, { "invoice_amount": "500.00", "invoice_date": "2021-11-23T00:00:00.000-06:00" } ], "show_on_email": false, "marketplace_fee": "0.00", "monthly_contract_value": "20000.00", "version": "simple-pricing-v1-aws", "dimensions": [ { "name": "Enterprise", "dimension_value": "40000", "quantity": "2", "price": "20000" } ], "total_contract_value": "40000.00" }
offer_expiration_atstringUTC timestamp"offer_expiration_at": "2021-02-09T12:38:04.00.000Z"
accepted_atstringUTC timestamp"accepted_at": "2021-02-04T10:23:06.00.000Z"
cancelled_atstringUTC timestamp"cancelled_at": ""
archived_atstringUTC timestamp"archived_at": ""
opened_instructions_atstringUTC timestamp"opened_instructions_at": "2021-02-02T16:53:23.00.000Z"
viewed_offer_atstringUTC timestamp"viewed_offer_at": "2021-02-01T13:04:23.00.000Z"
source_offer_idstringThe last accepted offer ID for an agreement in AWS. This is used to track and identify agreement-based offers (ABOs) in Tackle."source_offer_id": "offer-1a2abcdefghijk"
last_modified_atstringUTC timestamp"last_modified_at": "2021-02-01T09:29:00.00.000Z"


How do Dimensions differ per cloud?

You might ask if dimensions vary in different clouds. Good news! They don't.
Dimensions are based on the pricing you entered in Tackle Offers and follow a similar pattern amongst different clouds.