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The Tackle Platform helps you establish, operate, and scale sales through the cloud. As your company finds success in Marketplace sales, let us help you automate processes and simplify the workflows with our APIs, Webhooks, and Connectors.

Did you purchase a connector?

  • Enable our Slack Connector to get real-time notifications for private offers, new orders, upgrades, cancellations, and billing directly in Slack
  • Map Marketplace purchases and order details to customer records with our Marketo Connector
  • Simplify the enablement process by maintaining SFDC as your system of record for Private Offers using our Salesforce Connector

Are you interested in automations?

  • Enable event notifications to automate your use cases with our Webhooks
  • Automate your usage billing process through our Metering API
  • Use the Registration API for your custom registration page

Ready to start?

  • Check our Best Practices to check our tips for a great Tackle integration experience
  • You can start with our Guides for detailed explanations on using the Tackle Platform and our APIs
  • For more details on the API and the payloads you should send and receive, check out our API References
  • If you want to see our API in action, our Recipes show a step by step tutorial of how to use them in your code

Need help?

If you get stuck, post a question on the Discussions page. We'd be happy to help!

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