Metering Best Practices

AWS, Azure & GCP

Only meter positive, non-zero values

You only need to call the Tackle Metering API and send records when you want to charge a customer. Tackle will send zero-value metering records every hour if no calls are received to our Metering API for that hour. Sending a metering value of 0 quantity for any dimension will cause an error.

Do not send more than one payload for the same combination of productid, customerid and dimension per hour

Sending more than one per hour will cause an error and the second record will not be sent to the cloud.

For AWS and GCP this means the provided start_time cannot be duplicated for the same hour. For example: if you submit a record for 12:15 UTC and 12:45 UTC, they are both for the same hour 12:00 UTC. If you are using the POST endpoint, be cautious of this rule since duplicates are accepted by our API. If you are using the PUT endpoint, if the submitted payload matches an existing record in our system (product_id, customer_id, dimension, start_time hour), we will update the quantity if the existing record hasn't yet been submitted to the marketplace. Otherwise, we will respond with a 409 conflict since the record has already been submitted to the marketplace.

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