Metering FAQs

Does Tackle store our usage records?

We store all submitted usage records.

How often does Tackle send our usage records to the cloud marketplace?

Records are submitted based on their scheduled_at. If a usage record is submitted to us without a scheduled_at, we will send the record to the marketplace immediately. Otherwise, we will send them to the marketplace at the specified scheduled_at time.

If we are metering hourly, how would Tackle handle an outage?

You can continue to submit new usage records during and after an outage. We will store these records and retry later. After the outage, we can investigate and determine unsent records. This means that we will have undercharged and you can adjust your charges after the outage.

Can we use both the cloud marketplace's API and Tackle's Metering API?

Yes you can. However, we do not have access to records submitted outside of Tackle's Metering API. Do not submit the same record to both the cloud marketplace's API and Tackle's Metering API. Doing so will cause a duplicate record error or duplicate charge (depending on the marketplace).

How can I query Usage Records I've already submitted?

You can use our Get a Usage Record endpoint. You can also use the Downstream Metering UI. There's also the option to export the data to csv.