Metering FAQs

Does Tackle store our metering records?
We store all submitted metering records.

How often does Tackle send our metering records to the cloud marketplace?
AWS records are sent at the 15th of every hour. Azure and Red Hat records are sent immediately. GCP records are sent on the 30th of every hour.

If we are metering hourly, how would Tackle handle an outage?
For AWS and GCP, you can continue to submit new metering records during and after an outage. We will store these records and retry later. After the outage, we can investigate and determine unsent records. This means that we will have undercharged and you can adjust your charges after the outage.

For Azure & Red Hat, metering records are sent in real time, so if there is an outage, you will immediately know that a metering record failed to send. You can resubmit these records after the outage.

Can we use use both the cloud marketplace's API and Tackle's Metering API?
Yes you can. This would not cause issues on our end. However, we will not have knowledge of records submitted outside of Tackle's Metering API

How can I query Metering Records I've already submitted?
For Red Hat, you can use our Get a Usage Record endpoint. This functionality is only available for Red Hat right now, but is coming soon to our other supported marketplaces!