Customer Registration Details & Contract Metadata

The Salesforce Connector for Tackle Offers can populate fields on the offer, and you can manage the Tackle Offers fields to customize the customer information and internal systems and processes information.

  1. Registration Fields - This information about a customer ensures that the purchase order matches the expected account in order to process the orders, close opportunities, and booking revenue. This information is visible to the buyer if you enter it in Tackle Offers.

  2. Contract Metadata - These internal identifiers are used to facilitate business processes and reference accounts, transactions, subscriptions, and revenue across systems. This information is not visible to the buyer at any point.

Add, remove, and rename fields for Customer Registration Fields and Contract Metadata by navigating to the Listings tab, selecting a listing, and editing the Registration or Contract Metadata sections. Don’t forget to save your changes!


Changing Registration Fields and Contract Metadata can disrupt your mapping

Making updates to Registration Fields and Contract Metadata settings after the Salesforce Connector for Tackle Offers is set up and configured is likely to disrupt the connection and data mapping.


Some fields are required

The following registration fields and contract metadata is required and cannot be removed or renamed: Company, Full Name, Email Address, AWS Account Number, Azure Tenant Number

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