Which IP addresses should I whitelist for Tackle's Webhooks?

Our egress IP is Your Webhook endpoint must accept requests from this IP address.

What is the Content-Type of the Webhook Payload?

API requests to your webhook endpoint will be Content-Type: application/json

How do I create a Webhook authenticated by OAuth 2.0?

Tackle's Webhooks do not currently support OAuth 2.0, but it's on our roadmap and will be coming soon.

Can I get a subscription change event ID in my Azure and GCP Webhooks?

Tackle’s unique subscription event identifier, which provides a unique ID for any Marketplace subscription event, is currently limited to AWS only, but will be extended to Azure and GCP Marketplace orders soon.

Why is Tackle receiving a 500 error from my endpoint?

There are a number of reasons Tackle might get a 500 error from your endpoint. We recommend using our Test a Webhook endpoint to help debug your issue. Calling this would send a test payload to your endpoint along with any error messages we might be seeing.

Note that some errors might be specific to an event type. Try to pass different event types to the Webhooks Testing endpoint to make sure you've covered the different edge cases.