Configure The Salesforce Connector

The Salesforce Connector for Tackle Offers is highly customizable, and during the early adopter phase, the configuration is manually entered by the Tackle product team. There are two primary configuration options.

  1. Filtering - When creating a new offer in the Tackle platform, the user is presented with a list of opportunities. This list can contain all the opportunities in Salesforce or only those opportunities that are set a particular way (recommended). For example, the list could be filtered based on opportunities in a certain stage, with a custom object set to true, or based on payment type.

  2. Mapping - Once an opportunity is selected from the list, data will automatically populate the offer. In order to get the appropriate information into the correct fields, Tackle will need to know where to source the information. Determining which Salesforce fields map to the Tackle Offer fields is an activity that often requires involvement from both marketplace sales operations and Salesforce admin.

Upon your request, after completing the set up steps or in parallel, Tackle will provide you with a spreadsheet to document the filtering and mapping configuration. (See an example configuration document)


Can we help improve your business process?

Tackle can sync information that is within the scope of the permissions granted to the Tackle connected app during set up and only data that is stored within Salesforce. Your organization may want to consider business process adjustments to make Salesforce the sole source of information

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