Set up the Salesforce Connector

Before you get started

Reach out [email protected] and we will provide you with a certificate. (Learn how to configure a basic connected app)

Create a Connected App in Salesforce

  • In the Basic Information section fill out the Connected App Name, API Name and Contact Email fields and any optional fields you wish to fill out in the Basic Information
  • Under API Check "Enable OAuth Settings"
  • Callback URL is a required field but the Tackle platform does not use this functionality
    • If you wish to pre-authorize the service account, enter http://localhost
    • If you wish to one-time self-authorize, enter your preferred callback URL
  • Check "Use digital signatures"
  • Upload the certificate [provided by Tackle]
  • Under Selected OAuth Scopes add "Access and manage your data (api)" and "Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_Token, offline_access)
  • After creating the connected app, copy the client_id to send to Tackle.

Create and Preauthorize Tackle User

  • Go to Settings > Manage Apps > Connected Apps
  • Edit your app
  • Choose 'Permitted Users' = 'Admin approved users are pre-authorized'
  • Save
  • Create a Tackle user with an appropriate profile
  • Edit the profile associated to the user* Under 'Connected App Access' check the Tackle app and save.

Send Connection Info to Tackle

  • Send the Salesforce username for the Tackle user and application client_id to Tackle

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